Worship is the spiritual heartbeat of Wesley Church.

Look below to find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about our services of worship, and plan your upcoming visit to Wesley Church OKC.

FAQ's - Plan Your Visit and Be Our Guest!

We’ve got answers! Look below for the information you need as you plan your visit to Wesley Church OKC.

What type of worship do you offer?

Wesley Church OKC offers a blend of traditional and modern elements in our worship. We have a beautiful gothic sanctuary and one of the finest organs and chancel choirs in the city. Additionally, we incorporate audio and visual elements and modern instrumentation that assists in giving thanks to God and worshiping Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. 

How should I dress?

You will see a variety of attire at Wesley from suit/tie and dresses to more business casual, even some jeans and T-shirts. Be yourself and be comfortable!

How can I watch other worship services to get to know you?

You can find all of our past worship services, sermons, and special music and events on our Facebook page at facebook.com/wesleyokc. We livestream and record worship each Sunday in addition to our in-person worship. 

Are there any opportunities for my children?

Yes! We offer a nursery and toddler area every Sunday beginning at 9:15 a.m., Sunday school for early elementary, junior high, and high school, and we offer other events, trips, and camps throughout the year. 

Where do I park?

You can park along Classen Boulevard on the east side of our campus. We also have a large parking lot on the west side of our campus along NW 25th Street. The main entrance for the sanctuary is on the east side of the building, while the main entrance for small groups, nursery, and activities is on the west side. 

We recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes early so that you can make your way in, fill up your coffee, and get comfortable.

How do I become a member of Wesley Church?

Baptism is a requirement for membership at Wesley Church. If you are already baptized, we celebrate that and will not re-baptize you; rather, we will offer a moment for you to remember your baptism. To join Wesley Church, contact one of the pastors at pastor@wesleyokc.org to arrange your joining in a worship service or a WC 101 class.

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