In Worship: We will conclude our Advent/Christmas Worship series entitled, “Sacred: Finding the Holy in the Everyday.”  The word “sacred” points to something dedicated as “holy” and “set apart.” Far too often, the sacred becomes obscured by the secular. This week: “Sacred Space”.

Potluck Lunch January 5th!  We’ll begin 2020 together with our all church potluck on January 5th!


Skyline THANK YOU!  Many thanks to each of you who impacted the lives of Skyline patrons this Christmas.  Through your generosity, family members found gifts under their Christmas tree, toilet paper will be available to those needing it, and the work of Skyline continues through your Christmas Eve offering.

Note:  It’s not too late to bring toilet paper or make a financial donation to Skyline!  Bring your final donation THIS Sunday, 1/5/20 – to wrap up the 12 days of Christmas!



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