In the heart of a great city, a gothic edifice of brick, stone, and glass stands as a testimony to God’s steadfast and certain presence. What began as a humble cow shed (later expanded as a sheep shed) with a tar paper roof blowing away in the wind, continues over a hundred years later as a place for worshiping the Triune God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. Awash in dazzling light streaming through colorful glass, Jesus rises before you, drawing your gaze upward to join in heavenly songs of praise. This is a holy space, built on a tradition that began so many centuries ago. Even now, Wesley United Methodist Church is born again with the dawning of each new day as story, mission, tradition, experimentation, learning, daring, worship, prayer, and passion blend into a unique and holy sanctuary of our Creator’s undying grace.

Some of us at Wesley are descendants of the original founders while others among us have come to Wesley from very far away: Cambodia, Uganda, Liberia, South Africa…. Indeed, all the world over. It is certainly true that “all the world is our parish!”

But we are so much more than our many places of birth.

We are college students and young families

…empty nesters and busy seniors

…those born with old souls and those still dreaming as the young

…thinkers and doers!

We are volunteers in missions and drivers for mobile meals. We serve in Bolivia and Liberia, Kenya and Cookson, Skyline and Edgemere. We are musicians, artists, painters, and dancers. We are marvelous cooks, careful stewards, and families of all sizes and configurations. We are God’s children, the followers of Jesus, disciples of the holy way. We use Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Divinely-formed Reason, and Daily Experience to interpret the Creator’s will for each day of learning, service, prayer, and worship. 

We are thankful for the strong foundation on which we stand. We are thankful for the  men and women who planted the seeds for this church and for those who have tended this community of faith throughout our century of service. We are blessed with a congregation that continues the work that others began.

We are also asking what God is calling Wesley to do next! Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world! This is exactly the same mission as our forebears had when they met in the sheep shed in 1910. However, society has changed, our city has changed, and our neighborhood has changed. The message remains clear, “Jesus is Lord!” though the realities of this world may be drastically different. We see this as a great gift.

We honor those who began this church more than a century ago. As we continue living in God’s grace, this community of faith today forms one more stone upon which the next 100 years will be built. Thanks be to God for God’s call in our lives. With God’s help, we will be faithful.

Come join us on this journey.

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