Our Staff in Ministry

Equipping disciples for the work of ministry, for the building up of the Body of Christ.







Rev. Adam W. Shahan, senior minister

405.525.3521 ext. 105 | pastor@wesleyokc.org

Rev. Barry Bennett, minister of administration

405.525.3521 ext. 104 | administrator@wesleyokc.org







Administrative Staff

Kristin Terrell-Wilkes, pastors’ administrative assistant

405.525.2251 | secretery@wesleyokc.org

Nicholas Szabo, audio and visual media specialist

405.525.3521 | av@wesleyokc.org

Mary Hendrix, wedding coordinator

405.525.3521| weddings@wesleyokc.org






Program Staff

Corey Shirey, director of young people’s ministries

405.525.3521 | youngpeople@wesleyokc.org

Dana Redden, nursery supervisor and children’s assistant

405.525.3521 | children@wesleyokc.org

Lou Dalton, Custodian and Facilities

405.525.3521 | maintenance@wesleyokc.org






Worship Staff

Dr. William N. Christensen, chancel choir director

405.525.3521  | choir@wesleyokc.org

Danielle Szabo, MM, worship and music arts

405.525.3521  | worship@wesleyokc.org

“We’re Hiring!”, organist

405.525.3521 | organ@wesleyokc.org

Raegan Casteel, accompanist

405.525.3521 | accompany@wesleyokc.org

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