February 2020

We are an inclusive community that is intentionally living out Christ’s love for all people in authentic relationships. In following the inclusive love of Christ, the Wesley United Methodist Church Council aspires to lead this congregation in a way that puts into practice our desire to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world and love all people.



Therefore, we state the following:



We call upon our Oklahoma Annual Conference to suspend any form of punishment or retribution
against clergy who prayerfully and spiritually perform sacraments of marriage for appropriately
prepared couples, as recommended in the Protocol released by the Council of Bishops.

We affirm and trust our pastors’ discernment and support them as they make appropriate decisions
about marriage between two people, believing in their wisdom to officiate at weddings they deem
motivated by love and mutual respect, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.

We affirm the use of our facilities, including our sanctuary, in the service of weddings that have been
approved by our pastors.

We will advocate for and put forward all otherwise qualified candidates called into ministry
regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.

We support and affirm the LGBTQ+ clergy and church professionals already faithfully serving in our
churches or those who will serve in the future.

We will work diligently to advocate for the personal dignity of all persons and mandate that all
language restrictive, harmful, and/or discriminatory to our LGBTQ+ siblings be stricken from The
Book of Discipline.

Adopted on February 9, 2020

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