Partner with Christ in Mission

Wesley Church OKC is a United Methodist Church of small groups and community partners making a difference in our neighborhood, in OKC, and around the State of Oklahoma. Find a place to plug in and serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in our mission field.

NA Newcomers Meetings

Our NA meetings are open to all and are every day of the week at 8:00 p.m. with an additional NA meeting on Sundays at 12:00 p.m. To learn more about our NA program or to volunteer in providing hospitality to members, contact today. 

Exodus House and Criminal Justice

Wesley proudly sponsors residents of Exodus House, helping those exiting prison re-enter society with support and success. We build relationships with our residents and welcome them into the full life of Wesley Church. Contact today to volunteer. 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Our AA meetings are every Monday and Thursday between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. To learn more about our AA program or to volunteer in providing hospitality to members, contact today. 

After-School Tutoring

Wesley Church provides after-school pick up, food, tutoring, and activities for a local elementary school. To make a difference in a child’s life as a tutor or sponsor, contact today. 

Welcoming refugee families who have resettled in our community

Wesley Church OKC partners with The Spero Project, a relational organization that welcomes resettled refugees by connecting our new neighbors with the people, resources and learning opportunities that make OKC a place of belonging.  Wesley Church provides apartment furniture, tutoring for children, and fellowship for adults. Contact today to volunteer.

Oklahoma City University

Wesley Church is proud to serve as the university church for the OCU campus. We support the international student ministry by picking up students at the airport, getting them settled, and caring for them throughout the year. We also provide fall and spring partnership opportunities for students, faculty, and the Wesley Church community. 

Exercising Community Development as People of Faith

Voices Organized in Civic Engagement is a community organizing and advocacy group comprised of many faiths and non-profit organizations. Wesley Church is a member of VOICE and advocates for accomplishing the goals of education, advocacy, and engagement VOICE supports. 

Free, Hot Community Breakfast

On the last Saturday of every month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Wesley Church OKC offers a free, hot breakfast to everyone who comes. We see a diverse gathering of college students, neighbors from the apartments and sober living houses near the church, and members of Wesley. There is also a reduced-price women’s clothing boutique available on these days and times. All proceeds go to support many of the missions you see on this page.

The Grace Stop

Volunteer sign-up on the homepage. This is a clothing shop in Wesley Church with shoes, clothes, and accessories for children, women, and men along with resources for the home insecure.

Mobile Food Pantry and Clothing

Wesley Church proudly sponsors the efforts of Skyline, which offers an eye clinic, food resource center, mobile food pantry, and wellness program to the people of Oklahoma City. Most frequently, Wesley Church volunteers with the mobile pantry that goes directly to vulnerable and food-scarce areas of the city and in the warehouse at Skyline. Contact to volunteer.

Nutrition, Housing, and Dental Help

Wesley Church partners in events and fundraisers throughout the year to help OKC individuals and families needing assistance with housing and dental care. Contact today to volunteer with an NSO event.

Pre-Trial Diversion for High-Risk, High-Needs Moms with non-violent offenses

To volunteer your time and support with these moms charting a new course for themselves and their children, contact today. 

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