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"A Nurturing Environment for Your Child to Learn and Grow"

Wesley Kids Montessori is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, in partnership with Oklahoma City University.

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Our Environment

Wesley is a Montessori consisting of self-contained mixed age classroom. We welcome potty trained children, emerging 3-year-olds through 6-year-olds, into the environment. Our school is two days per week, Tuesday and Thursday,  from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A Montessori environment is a beautiful example of natural community. Life isn’t
segregated by age, communities are not divided into peer groups, and we do not only spend time and learn with people our same age. Age does not dictate social or academic
developmental level. A mixed age environment eliminates competition, as every child is at a different stage of learning, unique to their own development. It encourages peer-to-peer interactions and provides rich opportunities for building social and academic skills. Younger students benefit from the older peer while the older students benefit from the internal reward of being a good role model or guide. The older student is able to solidify their learning and test their knowledge by reaching the highest form of learning which is
teaching. The younger student is able to see the repetition in works that they are not
quite ready to do but are able to observe and gain familiarity. This mutually beneficial
environment unfolds within the Montessori environment through the direct preparation of the teachers in understanding where each child is within their learning and meeting them there.

Location: 1401 NW 25th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Telephone: (405) 525-3521

Email: montessori@wesleyokc.org

School Hours: T and TH 9-2

Learn By Doing

Practical Life

The goals of the Practical Life materials include the development of order, coordination, concentration, independence, and in many instances, cooperation. The exercises encourage care of self, care of environment, food preparation, art activities, and practice with social relations.


The very young child must be helped in acquiring the ability to separate and classify forms, colors, textures, and scents. The development of the child’s senses takes place before that of his intellectual abilities. Refinement of the senses and development of skills in thinking, judging, concentrating, comparing, sequencing, and so forth is preparation for learning in math, reading, and writing.


Language development is aided by activities and materials which encourage speaking, listening, conversing, symbolizing, and ultimately, reading, writing, and language analysis. It is sequentially based phonics approach. The materials are primarily metal insets, the sandpaper letters, and the movable alphabet.


Young children need numerous experiences with manipulatives in order to understand mathematical concepts and develop a logical, life-long approach to problem solving. Emphasis is on logical thinking, developing the concepts of quantity, number recognition and sequencing, matching numbers to quantities, addition and subtraction and using numbers to represent the world.

A Word

From Our Director

” Welcome to Wesley Kids Montessori Preschool. We are thrilled to have your family partner with us in providing a nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow. We are excited to open the Montessori Preschool here at Wesley.
At this time our lead and assistant teachers all have American Montessori Society Certifications and also possess Master level degrees. We invite you to communicate with us often in person or over the phone. We encourage you to ask questions and share ideas.
Please join us in making the coming year one of joyous discovery for your child.”

– Tai Allen


Important Dates and Events



Open House Date Moved

11:00 – 1:00 p.m. or from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Come and meet the teachers and tour the space where we will help your child grow. This date change allows for our renovations to be completed



Enrollment Deadline Extended!

We are extending our deadline for enrollment! Please contact montessori@wesleyokc.org to register your children at any point in the calendar year.



First Day of School

Please review the parent handbook, along with enrollment and curriculum information, to make our first day a success. Your parent handbook has the drop-off/pickup info.



Thanksgiving Break

November 21-23



Winter Break

December 21-January 2



Class Resumes

Welcome back!

Our School

Facilities and Organizations

Wesley Kids Montessori Preschool is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, and is a learning site for the American Montessori Association Certification Program for Oklahoma City University. As such, Wesley Kids Montessori Preschool benefits from an updated, clean, secure, and creative space for your child to grow and benefits from teachers who are all certified through the American Montessori Society. Currently, all teachers also hold Masters degrees. 

First-Class Teachers

All teachers are currently AMA Certified and hold Masters degrees. Two of our teachers are also instructors for certification through Oklahoma City University

A Supportive Environment

Wesley United Methodist Church names the flourishing of children and students as one of its core values. The congregation invests in the program to ensure that your child grows and you feel a community of love and support for your child and your family.

Engaging Curriculum

Our Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics curriculum will help your child learn by doing in a mixed-age environment. The mutually beneficial interactions between older and younger students and teachers will prepare your child with social and academic skills. 

Grace and Courtesy Together at the Table

Food exploration, grace and courtesy, and mealtime socialization are wonderful
opportunities for children to gain critical social skills and independence. There will be many
opportunities throughout the day for children to prepare and interact with food items as
well as share in a snack with a classmate. These snacks are not meant to replace a meal.
They are simply opportunities to practice trying new foods, and grace and courtesy.
Sharing a lunch time experience and having the opportunity to bring a lunch to school
comes with a great since of independence and pride. Napkins and table linens will be
supplied by the school. Please provide utensils should your child need them for their meal.
Tables will be set with pitchers of water and small cups will be provided. Children’s lunches
should be easily accessible for them as well as manageable in terms of opening containers
and preparing their set up. Allow your child to practice opening and closing their containers
to ensure their independence prior to sending them to school. Healthy, while nutritious
foods work best. Please keep your child’s lunch simple. Usually 3-4 items works well.

Additional Activities

Your child will have the opportunity to learn in our raised bed gardens, play on our safe and secured outdoor playground, and will have access to multiple learning stations within the classrooms.



Parent Newsletters and Calendars

Watch for monthly newsletters, calendars, and updates from our teachers that will be viewable here and will also be sent to you electronically or home with your child. 

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